The Journey of The Forty-Year-Old Version | Netflix

With Radha Blanks

In the height of the lockdown during COVID, HollandWest like many others had to adjust to an ever-changing climate of film production as networks and platforms still wanted to create content. During that time we worked hand and hand with vendors like Hayden 5 to accomplish that but using dropkits and extreme safety measures for talent. We were able to conduct interviews from coast to coast using video technology. With that said we had the pleasure of interviewing director Radha Blanks as she talked through her debut film 40-Year-Old Version which premiered on Netflix. Director Radha Blank, producer Lena Waithe, actor Peter Kim, and cinematographer Eric Branco talk about the years-long evolution of The Forty-Year-Old Version, from screenplay development at the Sundance labs to a full-fledged film production with a definitive vision behind it.

Directed by
Warren Oliver | Kurt Williamson