Strata | A Better World For A Better Future

Strata is an eight-hour sci-fi/drama/ thriller.

With the advent of groundbreaking technology and neuroscience advancement, three unsuspecting allies must band together to fight off the psychotic regime of Franz, hellbent on creating an unconventional New World Order meant to re-engineer humanity, with a disregard to free will.

Strata is an eight-episode conspiracy drama, paralleling the elite’s dark ambitions for humanity, with the struggle of a society inundated with technology. In San Francisco, the bubble of innovation is bursting. With technology so far advanced, it’s created a dark underworld that only a select few have access to. That underworld is led by the Cosmocracy –  an alliance of the world’s most elusive leaders who have positioned themselves to rid the world of its imperfections – namely society.

But this isn’t an apocalyptic story… It’s the reimagination of humanity in its highest form.

At least that’s the ideology of FRANZ, the altruistic, yet psychotic, world leader hellbent on solving the problems around the global economic collapse.  Hidden in the government shadows, he leads the Cosmocracy in developing groundbreaking technology that has the power to eliminate free will and repopulate the Earth with genetically engineered, superior humans. To Franz, this will be the start of not just a new era… but a New World.

But to achieve this, thousands must be sacrificed.

Across the globe, the Cosmocracy kidnaps innocent victims and brings them to STRATA – the Cosmocracy’s secret testing facilities – where they’re forced into neurological testing against their will.  As mass abductions begin to uptick around the country, JOSEPHINE, a local interior designer, disappears after a rendezvous with her newfound love interest and Uber Driver, ERIC. When Eric is accused of her kidnapping, he wants nothing more than to clear his name.  While Eric is kept for questioning, Josephine’s case comes across the desk of police detective, ZACH. On a rabid quest to solve it, he teams up with Josephine’s neurotic roommate and tech coder, SHURE, to connect the dots on her disappearance. But what Zach believes is an open and shut case, turns into something much more complex. With each episode, they navigate the mysterious leads that push them deeper into the conspiracy and uncover a web platform that has the biometric data profiles of nearly every cell phone user. This, plus a veil of secrecy renders Franz nearly untouchable.  With only days before Joe is completely gone, they must save her and humanity, before everything is lost.

STRATA is the technological brain of DEVS, the true crime feel of TRUE DETECTIVE, and the freedom fight of HUNTERS…  but more importantly, it’s a case study for the current day. And if we’re not careful, we might find ourselves falling deeper into a conspiracy, with A New World Order thrust upon us…

Executive Producers
Warren Oliver | Nicole Januarie