Rosedale Collective

Rosedale is an 8-part, non-fiction, unscripted docu-series that will follow the Rosedale Residents over their year-long residency with Rosedale Collective. Living, working, learning, and growing together, these residents will begin laying the foundations for their careers in country music. As young BIPOCmusicians, each will bring a truly unique perspective and lived experience to the genre that has systematically worked to exclude them. The series will explore the intersection of race/ethnicity, reclamation, country music, and storytelling through the lived experiences of the 5 musicians. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds, each with drastically different experiences with the country genre and each with their own approaches to singing and songwriting with the hope of leaving with a large recording contract.

Artists will spend a week per month in one of 6 cities across the country while going through their development curriculum. This will expose artists to different
creative communities, producers, mentors, coaches, and songwriters. While Nashville is the home of country music, country music is everywhere. Rosedale will pay homage to that and show audiences the different sides of country, folk, and Americana nationwide.

Rosedale Sizzle is available upon request