All The Boys

The unsung heroes of the Harlem Renaissance

Spanning from the north end of Central Park to just below the Bronx – HARLEM is THE mecca and sits at the epicenter of Black culture. This legendary birthplace of all things cool is where Black politics, fashion, activism, and social enclaves collide. Nowadays, most speak fondly of the great poets and artists of Harlem and its Renaissance as if the time has passed. Some assume that the genius of Langston Hughes or the tenacity of Malcolm X are of a bygone era. However, for the true Harlemites, it is clear that the Harlem Renaissance has just begun! And behind it all, there are stories that have never been told. The unsung heroes of THE HARLEM Renaissance were and ARE the black gay (same gender loving) men. For the first time ever, these men stand up and take credit for being the trailblazers that they are. In this one-of-a-kind docuseries, the men who have historically posted up behind the curtain will stand front and center ready to steal the show and make us fall in love with their stories. This is ALL THE BOYS.

All The Boys Sizzle is available upon request.