North Carolina Education Lottery “Neighbors”.

HollandWest in collaboration with 5to60 produced a fun spot for the North Carolina Education Lottery called “Neighbors”.

History Channel |

Ancestry sponsored a three-part miniseries that will accompany the Lincoln work, which debuts February 20, the latest in A+E’s efforts to craft bespoke programming segments that burnish ad messages while at the same time keeping viewers tuned to the programing for which they originally came.


Each of the content segments accompanying the “Lincoln” project will be introduced by Christy Coleman, executive director of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation in Williamsburg, VA, and a contributor to the documentary. In each vignette, descendants of formerly enslaved people in the U.S. discover family connections using recently added Freedman’s Bureau records on Ancestry. They discuss these findings with Nicka Sewell-Smith, a professional genealogist.


HollandWest was tasked with directing and crafting the stories which were written and produced by Jenile Brooks.

Dwayne Wade x NBA

As part of the league’s “NBA Lane” campaign, the NBA has unveiled “Imagine,” a spot that honours the life and legacy of Dr. King ahead of MLK Day, which falls on Monday, Jan. 17. The 30-second video features @dwyanewade , whose presence and voice are interpolated with footage from the Civil Rights Movement as well as some of the most powerful sound bites from Dr. King’s “The American Dream” speech, given on July 4, 1965. HollandWest served as the production arm for this campaign.


Director Rudy Crew

Executive Producer Amanda Amann

Director Of Photography Eric Wycoff

Lifetime | HERTake

HERTake is a short form franchise on Lifetime dedicated to women with unique perspectives, and the power of their voices. These pieces each feature a woman/women with a distinct point of view and an inspiring story who are making an impact on their community. In the past the topics/themes of these pieces have varied greatly.


Hollandwestproductions was asked by Lifetime to tell the story of Rashidat. Rashidat is the owner of Rashidat’s Detox Cafe in Dolton, IL, a plant based/vegan detox cafe that provides the community with fresh Pressed Juices, Smoothies, Performance Smoothies, Salads, Detox Programs, Alkaline Options and a host of healthy programs.

2021 BET Awards Promo





Mountain Dew Cream Biggums

Spice Adams aka Cream E. Biggums is a legend both on and off the court. We got to sit down with him for NBA All-Star memories! Great shoot with great laughs!



Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates discount department stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores. This retail giant established an unparalleled reputation for every low pricing, but wanted to increase consumer awareness about their fresh groceries.

 In order to expand Walmart’s branding to include fresh groceries, our team collaborated with Global Hue to direct and produce a Walmart holiday cooking themed commercial. We feature celebrity icon and baking mogul Patti Labelle as she cooks an Easter meal with her family from start to finish using Walmart’s fresh groceries. We feature one stop grocery shopping for Easter ingredients at Walmart, and follow Patti as she bonds with her family cooking groceries at home. We watch Patti’s holiday party come together with whole and fresh foods. Find low prices on the food that brings us together for Easter; Walmart. #SaveMoneyLiveBetter

This commercial aired on various cable networks. Walmart continues to be a national leader in retail and consumer goods.


Written and Directed by Nicole Januarie, we worked closely with The Cusp Network to produce and execute two episodes of the “What Comes Next Is Everything” campaign for Clorox, meeting the brand’s objective of engaging a multi-generational African American demographic.