Rosedale Collective

Rosedale is an 8-part, non-fiction, unscripted docu-series that will follow the Rosedale Residents over their year-long residency with Rosedale Collective. Living, working, learning, and growing together, these residents will begin laying the foundations for their careers in country music. As young BIPOCmusicians, each will bring a truly unique perspective and lived experience to the genre that has systematically worked to exclude them. The series will explore the intersection of race/ethnicity, reclamation, country music, and storytelling through the lived experiences of the 5 musicians. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds, each with drastically different experiences with the country genre and each with their own approaches to singing and songwriting with the hope of leaving with a large recording contract.

Artists will spend a week per month in one of 6 cities across the country while going through their development curriculum. This will expose artists to different
creative communities, producers, mentors, coaches, and songwriters. While Nashville is the home of country music, country music is everywhere. Rosedale will pay homage to that and show audiences the different sides of country, folk, and Americana nationwide.

Rosedale Sizzle is available upon request

Wu-Tang Clan & Nas: A NY State of Mind Tour

Hip Hop icons Wu-Tang Clan and Nas have embarked on the co-headlined NY State of Mind tour. In this mini-doc, learn how the legends came together, along with Special Guest: Busta Rhymes, to bring fans these shows steeped in rap culture that changed the landscape beyond the Empire state.

HollandWest was called on by Live Nation to executive produce and direct a mini-doc highlighting the first stop of the tour in St. Louis. HollandWest connected with the team at Hyyercreative to handle production and post-production.


Directed by
Warren Oliver | Kurt Williamson

90 Nights In Cody

Wild summer nights don’t even begin to explain the drama of a Yellowstone rodeo town that gets taken over each summer by 90 nights of bull riding, barrel racing, lovemaking, and bar brawling in the mountains of Wyoming’s old west. Welcome to 90 Nights In Cody! For three months our crew will follow cowboys and cowgirls that have traveled from near and far to compete. In Episode One viewers will watch our cast pack up their belongings, say their goodbyes, and hit the road for Cody. Throughout the season we will learn the life stories of our riders, experience their struggles and successes, and get a front-row seat to the mental and physical demands of their ruthless sport. In the season finale, only one rider in each class can head home a Cody Nite Rodeo Grand Champion.
90 Nights Sizzle is available upon request.

YO! MTV Raps 2022

YO! MTV RAPS made a comeback thanks to MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount+.

Hosted by rapper Conceited and DJ Diamond Kuts, the new edition will feature live performances, cyphers, and lifestyle content that aims to provide a deep dive into the current state of hip-hop music and culture. YO! MTV RAPS will premiere this spring on Paramount+ in the U.S., and all international regions where the streaming platform is available.

The original YO! MTV RAPS, which premiered in 1988, was a fan-favorite two-hour television music video program created by Peter Dougherty and Ted Demme, who also served as director. It was originally hosted by filmmaker and hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy before Dr. Dre and Demme’s high-school friend Ed Lover became series regular co-hosts. Bruce Gillmer, chief content officer of music at Paramount+ and president of music, music talent, programming, and events at Paramount, said in a statement, “YO! MTV RAPS is truly one of the most groundbreaking, iconic music series to date. The wildly popular franchise introduced  hip-hop to the world and along the way helped launch the careers of countless artists.”

Our friends at MTV,  executive producer Jen Demme, and creative director Esteban Serrano called on HollandWest to reimagine YO! When we first took on the task, we knew what kind of pressure we were up against given how iconic this show is. YO! was a place where Hip Hop artists broke. Our main mission was to keep its authenticity but what would YO! look like in 2022. We called on the best of the best to help us with that from the amazing architect and set designer Davon Johnson to the lighting master Shawn Kaufman. We also called on industry vet Eric Wycoff as director of photography. With Eric, we wanted to make sure we kept the vision of the old YO! in the way it was shot in a very docu sometimes first person point of view. We wanted to camera to never feel like it was locked off and something was always moving. We are very proud of what we were able to accomplish and the reception of the reboot made it more special.


Directors, Executive Producers
Warren Oliver | Kurt Williamson

Strata | A Better World For A Better Future

Strata is an eight-hour sci-fi/drama/ thriller. 

With the advent of groundbreaking technology and neuroscience advancement, three unsuspecting allies must band together to fight off the psychotic regime of Franz, hellbent on creating an unconventional New World Order meant to re-engineer humanity, with a disregard to free will.

Strata is an eight-episode conspiracy drama, paralleling the elite’s dark ambitions for humanity, with the struggle of a society inundated with technology. In San Francisco, the bubble of innovation is bursting. With technology so far advanced, it’s created a dark underworld that only a select few have access to. That underworld is led by the Cosmocracy –  an alliance of the world’s most elusive leaders who have positioned themselves to rid the world of its imperfections – namely society.  


But this isn’t an apocalyptic story… It’s the reimagination of humanity in its highest form. 


At least that’s the ideology of FRANZ, the altruistic, yet psychotic, world leader hellbent on solving the problems around the global economic collapse.  Hidden in the government shadows, he leads the Cosmocracy in developing groundbreaking technology that has the power to eliminate free will and repopulate the Earth with genetically engineered, superior humans. To Franz, this will be the start of not just a new era… but a New World.


But to achieve this, thousands must be sacrificed.


Across the globe, the Cosmocracy kidnaps innocent victims and brings them to STRATA – the Cosmocracy’s secret testing facilities – where they’re forced into neurological testing against their will.  As mass abductions begin to uptick around the country, JOSEPHINE, a local interior designer, disappears after a rendezvous with her newfound love interest and Uber Driver, ERIC. When Eric is accused of her kidnapping, he wants nothing more than to clear his name.  While Eric is kept for questioning, Josephine’s case comes across the desk of police detective, ZACH. On a rabid quest to solve it, he teams up with Josephine’s neurotic roommate and tech coder, SHURE, to connect the dots on her disappearance. But what Zach believes is an open and shut case, turns into something much more complex. With each episode, they navigate the mysterious leads that push them deeper into the conspiracy and uncover a web platform that has the biometric data profiles of nearly every cell phone user. This, plus a veil of secrecy renders Franz nearly untouchable.  With only days before Joe is completely gone, they must save her and humanity, before everything is lost. 


STRATA is the technological brain of DEVS, the true crime feel of TRUE DETECTIVE, and the freedom fight of HUNTERS…  but more importantly, it’s a case study for the current day. And if we’re not careful, we might find ourselves falling deeper into a conspiracy, with A New World Order thrust upon us… 


Executive Producers
Warren Oliver | Nicole Januarie


All The Boys

Spanning from the north end of Central Park to just below the Bronx – HARLEM is THE
mecca and sits at the epicenter of Black culture. This legendary birthplace of all things
cool is where Black politics, fashion, activism, and social enclaves collide. Nowadays,
most speak fondly of the great poets and artists of Harlem and its Renaissance as if the
time has passed. Some assume that the genius of Langston Hughes or the tenacity of
Malcolm X are of a bygone era. However, for the true Harlemites, it is clear that the
Harlem Renaissance has just begun! And behind it all, there are stories that have never
been told. The unsung heroes of THE HARLEM Renaissance were and ARE the black
gay (same gender loving) men. For the first time ever, these men stand up and take
credit for being the trailblazers that they are. In this one-of-a-kind docuseries, the men
who have historically posted up behind the curtain will stand front and center ready to to
steal the show and make us fall in love with their stories. This is ALL THE BOYS.


All The Boys Sizzle is available upon request.

4 Seasons

Four Seasons follows Charisse (Nia Fairweather) and Braxton (David J. Cook) as they navigate the high and low tides of their relationship. It is a peek into what happens when expectations and things left unsaid collide. Will they be able to ride the seasons of change or be crushed by them? Only time will tell!

• Official Selection Pan African Film Festival 2020

• Audience Award Winner Chicago Southland International Film Festival 2020

Official Selection Diversity In Cannes Short Film Showcase  2020

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Directed by
Kurt Williamson

Produced by
Warren Oliver