Chevy Passion Pursuit: Street Style Festival

The Essence Street Style Block Party is an annual festival celebrating fashion, art, and culture in Brooklyn, New York. The 2016 Essence Street Style Block Party was sponsored by Chevy. The iconic festival is often featured online via popular blogs, the official Essence website, and Essence magazine.

HollandWestProductions was honored to direct and produce digital content for the Essence Street Style Block Party sponsored by Chevy. Our client wanted the content to promote both the inspiring fashion festival and Chevy automobiles. We wanted to blend both the fun of the festival, and the sleek car brand together in a way that felt authentic.

Our team intertwined festival footage, Chevy footage, and stories of local artists to create a fun and authentic feeling true to the event. Local artists who participated in the festival are highlighted and followed throughout the promo. We chose to show both their day job and their careers as artists to capture their realities as creatives and entrepreneurs living in New York City.

“A lot of people will watch this and be inspired and that’s really important. And it’s really about living your best life “ - Fab Roc.