Bleacher Report | Durant 66: Reliving the Night Kevin Durant Lit Up Rucker Park


Rucker Park, located in Harlem New York, is the most famous street basketball park in the world. Many people who have played in the famous Rucker Tournament have become famous for their skills, and several have went onto play professionally in the NBA. On August 2011, NBA star Kevin Durant played in the legendary street basketball tournament. Durant, already famous as an Oklahoma City thunder star, lit up the crowd with his participation. He went on to captivate the audience by dropping 66 points in the Entertainers Basketball Classic. With his participation, Durant joined the likes of Allen Iverson, Stephon Marbury, Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant to carry out the longstanding tradition of NBA greats in the legendary playground tournament.


Our team conceptualized reliving this historic night by capturing people and places who witnessed it first hand. We executed this vision by intertwining footage from the event, shots of locations, and interviews with various key witnesses, including Greg Marius (EBC) and Kevin Durant himself.

HollandWestProductions, in conjunction with The Shadow League, directed and produced this special as our second installment for The Bleacher Report. Rucker Park continues to be the number one street basketball park in the world. Kevin Durant continues to play professional basketball and it currently #35 with the Golden State Warriors.



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