2015 ESSENCE Festival Marketing and Consumer Content

The Essence festival is an annual empowering, inspiring, star studded festival made for and by the African American community. The festival has events ranging from concerts to pop up shops to empowerment sessions. What sets the Essence festival apart from competing festivals is the focus on African American culture and entertainment for all ages. Essence needed a consumer content and marketing package to increase consumer awareness to people on what the Essence festival could be for them.

HollandWestProductions produced and directed comprehensive video content as a marketing and consumer content package  for the 2015 Essence Festival. In order to increase consumer awareness, we captured the on fire energy of the New Orleans festival and combined that with footage of festival events for various ages and interest categories. We interviewed festival patrons, celebrities, politicians and professionals that attend or perform to showcase that Essence festival has something for everyone.

The Essence Festival continues to be a leader in the festival sphere and will continue to take place annually. This promotional content aired internally and on Essence.com.








Vinny, Michael Catucci